About Us

How "Pastor Al" Got Started:

I have been asked what is this ministry about, how did it start, and who is this guy? I have been a SB minister for 46 years, in 8 states, 14 associations, having served in associations on 3 Finance committees, Evangelism Director for 1 association, and served as Pastoral Ministry Director in 3 associations going back to 1976.

My Facebook page had gotten cluttered with people and stuff I didn’t want to hear. One day I was getting ready to close my Facebook down and a lady asked me if I would pray for an issue she had.

The light went off and I started eliminating those that I had on my FaceBook. At that time, there was some transition with NAMB and I reached out to all those that were leaving and this ministry was started with 67. Today, there are 2400 prayer partners. Everyone on my FaceBook is in ministry accept a handful relatives.