My Testimony

I would like to share with you my testimony of being saved as a result of the Holy Spirit and a Baptist College.

I leased 3 service stations in Pontiac, Michigan in the mid 60’s and also had a bottle club named S.A.W.S. (which stood for Swing Along With Singles). On Friday and sometimes Saturday nights I would lease the skiing resort hall or some other facility, bring in a band, and have a good time (at least I thought). We, sometimes, would then get a bus and go up north to further the escapade.

One day a young man came into my station and wanted a job. He told me he was honest, dependable, and would do what he was told and needed a job as he was going to this college (Midwestern Bible College). Needless to say, as hard as it was to get good employees (especially those with less than 6" of hair on their head) I hired him. He met his commitment and the only downside was I had all these tracts to clean up each day.

Within a few weeks he brought 2 other students for jobs. Based upon his behavior I hired them. Again, the only downside was I had to put out an extra trash can to contain all the additional tracts that were appearing all over the properties.

They then introduced me to their pastor (Dr. Tom Malone) whom started coming in for gas, and you’ll never guess, taping a track on the front of the pump before he left if I waited on him. I wondered if he planned on running over me because he kept getting so close to the pumps.

One Friday night I was so inebriated (If I was in AA I would call it DRUNK!) I stopped at the service station and slept in the back room where I had a cot for such occasions. When I woke up I felt worse than terrible and went into the bath room and when I was ready to complete my actions I reached for the toilet paper and there were three tracks taped over it. THAT WAS IT!

I went out and confronted all three of them asking how many could forgive sins! Needless to say, none of them could. I then told them, that the priest I went to on Saturdays (which I hadn’t been in a few years) could and all as I had to do was go to him for forgiveness. I then told them I had enough 'Jesus Christ’ stuff and made the FATAL MISTAKE of asking what I had to do to get this to stop 9since I didn’t want to lose the best employees I had ever had).

They responded: ‘Come to Emmanuel Baptist Church Sunday morning’. You’ve got a deal and that means, if I do that, I can quit cleaning up tracts behind you? They reluctantly agreed and we went about business as usual.

S.A.W.S. had a party again that night, but in the back of my mind I remembered that commitment. This time, I drove right by my apartment to get to the station to sleep as I knew they would wake me up. Later I found out 75 students had got together at the dorm, that afternoon, and had prayer for me.

The next morning I got up and went to Emmanuel and for the first time heard, as the hymn goes, ‘Jesus Paid It All’. At the invitation, when I noticed everybody’s head was bowed, I split toward the back door when one of the associates, I had come to know, put his hand on my shoulder and said: ‘don’t shake your fist in God’s face by leaving here if He has told you to do something’! That was it I went forward and accepted Christ.

Dr. Malone didn’t waste time. I was saved on Sunday morning, baptized on Sunday night, and enrolled in Midwestern Baptist College on Monday morning.” PRAISE GOD